asfaltin paikkaus


High-quality and modern asphalt repair

Piki-Team Oy is a business enterprise established in Kuopio (Finland) in 2007. The company provides asphalt repair services for small as well as large operators throughout the country. Our special expertise is asphalt repair: years of experience as well as the modern equipment in our use ensure sustainable, professionally produced, high-standard work quality. Our personnel are highly professionally skilled and trained. All of our employees have completed courses in Work Safety, Hot Works and Road Safety 1, and our company management have also completed the EA1 and Road Safety 2 courses. Our company’s credit rating is AA+.

You may also bump into us at the ice hockey arena! We actively support Finnish sport: the ice hockey teams we sponsor are KalPa, Jokerit, Jukurit and JYP.


Piki-Team Oy, visiting address
Hakekatu 11
70800 KUOPIO
p. 017 263 1725

Managing Director
Jussi Väätäinen
0400 755 382

Piki-Team Oy, postal address
Paasinotkontie 73

Jaana Väätäinen
040 842 7289